What is Kasper and What does it do?

Kasper Procurement solution is a cloud-based software that helps contractors search and transact with vendors. The software liminates the never-ending use of printer and paperwork.

The software provides a streamlined way for contractors to find the best vendors for their needs and make transactions without having to deal with mountains of paper documents. This can save valuable time and resources for both the contractor and the vendor.

Kasper Procurement solution can also help to improve communication between the contractor and vendor, as well as providing a clear record of all transactions. This can help to avoid errors and misunderstandings, and provide a better overall experience for both parties involved in the transaction.

Kasper solutions digitally connect buyers, sellers and other teams, providing complete visibility and management of data, documents and costs across all stages of a procurement cycle in the construction industry. It is an effective way for contractors and vendors to find and transact with each other online. Kasper helps organizations have a powerful, cost-effective, and a secure cloud-based procurement platform. Kasper Eliminates the never-ending use of printer and paperwork and a lot more

Solutions Offred by Kasper

  • Eliminates the never-ending use of printer and paperwork
  • It helps contractors search and transact via our supplier database or network
  • Less time consumption doing approvals with regular notifications
  • No more old school ways of keeping a track of the money being spent
  • Assessment from the past vendor evaluations before making any transaction
  • Automated quotation analysis can ensure faster compliance for your organization